we are north made - product visualisation

we are north made - product visualisation
  • we are north made - product visualisation

Main CGI deliverables

  • room sets
  • cameo shots
  • scene redress
  • product swap
  • cinemagraph
  • product cut outs
  • flat lay

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Product Visualisation Services

We Are North Made - Product visualisation services in the UK

We Are North Made are a product visualusation studio based in the UK.

The studio creates photo-realistic CGI images, CGI animations and CGI interactive products

We Are North Made offer the complete CGI service, this includes the following:

CGI room sets

compelte CGI scenes for kitchens, bedroom, bathroom, and any other interior space.

Show the product within a specifically created scene that has been interior styled to promote your product(s) and create a photo-realistic image that looks totally real.

Product swap is a key feature of a CGI scene, feature products of the room set can be swapped out for alternative versions. for example a bathroom tap can be exchanged for a alternative version from the same range, shwoing a different colour or finish, helping to market the complete range of products and eventually result in more sales.

CGI Scene Redress allows the same CGI room-set scene to be repurposed to produce additional imagery that looks different, without a major increase in cost. the redress changes decor items (blinds, floor tiles, wall finishes, floor finishesm, etc).

CGI Roomset Redress is an excellent way of squeezing more content out of a project & reducing the individual image costs overall.

CGI Cameo and CGI Detail shots - these allow products to be viewed up close. Perfect for allowing  customers to see the intricate details of a product and learn more about it.

Flat-Lay CG images are a great way of telling the story of your product, they are a birds-eye down view of all the main features of a roomset scene, set out on a flat surface. showing all the features of the scene assists to bring an interior design styling together. they also look very attractive and engage with the viewer very well. Perfect for sharing on social media or being used as a content to breakup a brochure.

Cut-out product shots  - These are perfect for illustrating a large range of products and showing them in a digital/print brochure. Products can be shown as individuals without any surrounding scene. As an optional extra the product cut out can be repurposed into a 360 turntable CGI , allowing the item to be interacted with in 360 degrees by possible customers.

CGI Cinemagraph - These are short video clips that blend still CG images with CGI animated video. small element sof the scene have motion (lights flickering, stream, rain, etc) producing an engaging CGI solution that at first glance looks like an image, but subtle movement within the scene adds intrigue and engages the viewer.

More than product visualisation  images, We Are North Made can also create CGI animated videos, these can be simple motion views of a product or an in-depth video that explores the way a product moves or is used, show variable options in the colour & finish of the product or anything.

We Are North Made operate from their CGI studio in Didsbury, Machester, however they offer their product visualisation services to clients throughtout the UK and worldwide.

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