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Key Features of our dog cages for vans

  • Resin coated floors
  • Durable steel mesh
  • Custom made to any size
  • Option bi-folding doors
  • Add in 1, 2 or 3 levels of dog caging
  • Crash protection available
  • For personal and commercial uses

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Custom Dog Cages for Vans

Vans A La Mode are now offering van dog cage conversion packages for most makes and models of vans. Our van dog cage installations are carried out at our installation centre in Warrington, Cheshire.

Each dog cage van conversion is custom fabricated to meet your individual needs, so we can incorporate varying numbers of dog cages of different sizes. We can even add in bi folding door mechanisms to help create multi use van dog cages that can be easily extended to accommodate for larger dogs and animals.


Dog Cage Van Conversions

Our van dog cage conversion installations are carried out in Cheshire, so we predominantly offer our services in Cheshire, Manchester and the North West of the UK, but if you are willing to travel we can accommodate van dog cage conversions for customers anywhere in the UK or Europe. As standard the van dog cage conversion packages we offer at Vans A La Mode take a minimum of 1 day to install, however larger vans or more complicated dog cages can take longer, so it is always best to leave the van with us for a few days.



How many dog cages can I fit in my van?

At Vans A La Mode our dog and animal cages can be built into the van on several levels and in sections. So the maximum amount of dogs you can transport is mainly down to the size of your van. We have created and installed van dog caging to vans of all sizes, from VW Caddy vans and Citroen Berlingos to larger Ford Transit vans and Renault Traffic vans.

If you often have to transport different dogs of varying sizes we can incorporate bi-fold door mechanisms to extend or reduce cage sizes and utilise space as efficiently as possible.

Each van dog cage we install is created custom to the clients individual needs, so we can convert the full rear of a van or just a section.


To make our van dog caging as useful as possible we can create them to allow loading of the animals from both the rear doors and the side loading sliding doors.



Who are van dog cages for?

Our van dog cages are designed for both personal and commercial use. If you personally have several dogs and would like to transport them easily, safely and conveniently then having a van converted to accommodate dog cages should be a definite consideration. For commercial purposes, converting a van to accommodate dog cages is a must. Dog walkers, pet groomers, animal shelters, dog charities, dog wardens, agility & flyball dog training teams, show dog vans, kennels, etc, all of these dog based companies would benefit from having a van dog cage conversion. Being able to easily and quickly load several dogs into a van and transport them safely is a must. The van dog cage conversions we offer at Vans A La Mode in Manchester will save your business time and ultimately money.



What are they made from?

As standard we initially add a resin coated ply lined floor to the van. This makes the floor extra durable and also water resistant, a great bit of protection in case your dog(s) have an accident.

The van dog cage walls are made from high grade steel fabricated in to a sturdy mesh that is powder coated to ensure maximum protection against rusting.

To finish things off we add spring loaded catches to the door locking mechanisms to make the van dog cages easy to open for humans and hard to open for animals.


How do i order?

Simply give us a call on 0161 641 8374 or shoot us an email at Once we know your basic requirements we can give you an estimated cost and if you are happy to proceed you can pop down to our manufacturing/installation centre to iron out the fine details of your van dog caging conversion.


Will my dogs be comfortable and safe in the van dog cage?

Bespoke fabricated steel mesh doors allow dogs and other animals to be stowed in the van / vehicle safely and securely. The mesh steel doors keep the van dog cages breathable and offer great visibility for the animal and their carers/owners.

At Vans A La Mode we like to keep our van dog cages relatively minimalist , this helps to keep them easy to clean and maintain. We add resin coated ply wood floors underneath the van dog cages to make them water resistant and easy to clean.


What if I have an accident?

You never know what may happen when you are transporting your dogs, so we at Vans A La Mode have added in optional crash protecting to our van dog cages. In the event of a rear collision to your van, the dog cages can be opened from the front/side to allow you to remove the animals trapped inside.


Can the van dog caging be removed?

Of course, when it comes the time to sell your van the van caging can all be removed, just leaving behind a few small screw holes. Even better, if you are upgrading to a newer version of the same van we may be able to remove the van dog cages from your existing van and reinstall them into your new van.


For more information about van dog caging or to get a bespoke quote please get in touch today.


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