Rhino Roof Racks Manchester

Rhino Roof Racks Manchester Rhino Roof Racks Manchester Rhino Roof Racks Manchester
  • Rhino Roof Racks Manchester
  • Rhino Roof Racks Manchester
  • Rhino Roof Racks Manchester

Key Features

  • 2 Rhino Roof Racks available
  • High quality construction
  • Modern design
  • Excellent and durable materials
  • Full warranty
  • Optional installation service for your Roof Rack

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Rhino Roof Racks in Manchester and Cheshire

We have tested out some of the UK’s best suppliers and manufactures of van accessories and we have come to the conclusion to predominately offer Rhino Racking systems to our customers in Manchester and Cheshire. We are now one of the official stockists of Rhino racking products for Manchester.

With British manufacturing quality, high grade materials, and construction we feel at Vans A La Mode Manchester that Rhino Racks offer the best options for van accessories in the commercial sector.

We now offer the complete Rhino range including the most popular products such as the SafeStow, SafeStep, SafeClamp, Delta bar systems, etc.

As with most Rhino Rack products there are different fixings and sizes available for different van and commercial vehicles, so if you have a Ford transit custom or a Mercedes sprinter LWB, we can offer a Rhino Racking System to suit your needs.

We now offer 2 Rhino Roof Rack Systems, both roof racks have extremely high build quality, durability, and capabilities to suit differing budgets.

Rhino Modular Steel Roof Racks in Manchester

Our first rhino roof rack option is the Rhino Modular Steel Roof Rack. These roof racks are manufactured from welded heavy duty steel that can easily carry 8x4 panels as well as ladders and other items that are too large to fit inside a van. The Rhino Modular Roof Rack is just that, modular. This means that it is made of several different sections that are bolted together on the van, to create a complete roof rack. Due to the level of construction the modular roof rack is built to, its modular structure does not negatively effect its performance in anyway. There are no structural weaknesses compared to other roof racks, including the Rhino Aluminium Roof Rack.

The Rhino Modular Roof Rack has a front aerofoil integrated into its design to limit wind noise and lower drag resistance on a moving van.  This helps with the fuel consumption of a van compared to some other roof racks systems. Another key features of the Rhino Modular Roof Rack is the inclusion of a rear roller as standard. The Rhino rear roller allows for straightforward loading of ladders and large items into the roof rack. It does this by greatly reducing the friction between the load and roof rack, allowing ladders, boards and panels to be quite easily slip up only the roof racking system.

Rhino Modular Aluminium Roof Racks in Manchester

If your budget can allow for it we also offer the Rhino Aluminium Roof Rack from the Rhino Roof Rack range.

The biggest benefit of the Aluminium Rhino Roof Rack over the Rhino Modular Roof Rack is the large reduction in overall weight. The Aluminium Roof Rack system is 25% lighter than the Modular Steel Roof Rack system. This large weight saving transfers to big savings in fuel economy when compared to the modular system.

The aluminium roof rack by Rhino has been designed as a next generation roof racking system, it is made from aluminium and composite, this combination of materials matched with the high quality British manufacture allow it to offer high levels of performance and durability while significantly reducing weight.

The sleek design of the Rhino Aluminium Roof Rack also helps with aerodynamics. Its lower drag coefficient helps to reduce wind resistance which helps with fuel economy as well as wind noise whilst driving.

As with the Rhino Modular Steel Roof Rack system, the Aluminium Rhino Roof Rack system also comes with a rear roller installed as standard. This again assists with loading and un-loading of the items on the roof rack.

If you are based in the Manchester or Cheshire area we offer a full fitting service for all of our Rhino Roof Rack systems. The Rhino roof rack systems are also available supply only if you are happy to install them yourself.

Should your budget not allow for it or you don't feel the need for a full roof rack system we also offer the Rhino racking Delta Bar systems. These are available in 2 bar, 3 bar, 4 bar and 5 bar configurations. More details on the Rhino Delta Bars can be found here.

To get a quote for your new Rhino Roof Rack please send us an email or give us a call. We aim to offer some of the best prices in the North West and as ever you can also have your van graphics installed at the same time to reduce your wait time and overall expense.

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